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14 November 2018

Presentation of the results of the OT Logistics Capital Group after the third quarter of 2018.


Financial information

Historical results of the group
Quarterly Results
in PLN million, MSSF 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Net income from sale 867,0 712,1 752,3 831,8 490,4
EBITDA 93,6 72,3 67,9 82,0 71,6
Net income 42,6 10,0 15,6 32,9 28,3
Equity 462,5 307,2 279,9 271,4 249,1
Total balance sheet 1 365,4 879,5 715,7 711,7 501,2
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Date Document
17.03.2017 Wyniki kwartalne 2016
03.10.2016 Wyniki kwartalne 3 Q 2016
01.07.2016 Wyniki kwartalne 1 H 2016
01.04.2016 Wyniki kwartalne 1 Q 2016
31.12.2015 Wyniki kwartalne 2015
01.10.2015 Wyniki kwartalne 3 Q 2015
01.07.2015 Wyniki kwartalne 1 H 2015
01.04.2015 Wyniki kwartalne 1 Q 2015
31.12.2014 Wyniki kwartalne 2014
01.10.2014 Wyniki kwartalne 3 Q 2014

Stock quotes

Selected range od to Change:


23.12.2017 (split) – Stock Split 1 to 8.


OT Logistics declares intention of sharing  a profit with the shareholders. The policy of the Management Board concerning the dividend is make payments according to earned amount , investment plans and ability to pay.  The Board, submitting proposals for the ability to pat dividends guided by the need to ensure liquidity and capital necessary for business development. The policy of the dividend s reviewed periodically by the Board. The decision about payment and the amount dividends is taken by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

Financial year The value of dividends The dividend per share Record date to dividend Payment date dividend
2016 9 993 620 zł 7,00 zł 16 August 2016 29 August
2015 9 993 620 zł 7,00 zł 4 May 2015 18 May 2015
2014 9 993 620 zł 7,00 zł 3 June 2014 17 June 2014
2013 4 024 629 zł 3,15 zł 17 April 2013 19 April 2013
2012 0 zł 0,00 zł
2011 6 700 000 zł 5,24 zł
2010 5 775 023 zł 4,52 zł
2009 6 483 912 zł 5,07 zł


The bond issue is one of the possibilities of financing the development of the Company. OT Logistics S.A. is an active issuer of bonds. Previously issued bonds are listed on the Catalyst market.

The basic terms of the issue of bonds issued by OT Logistics S.A. with a future maturity date shown in the following table:


Zbigniew Nowik

Chairman of the Board



Doctor of Economics ( title obtained at the Universite Pars-Dauphine), the author of numerous economics publications and the book “Nowe instrumenty finansowe i giełdy przyszłości”.

Shortcut career

  • He worked in France in various departments of international insurance companies (Union Francaise de reassurance,Azur Group, AXA International) in the years 1990 – 1993 where he worked in reinsurance and expansion including Central and Eastern Europe. After returning to the Poland he managed many investment companies entering on the Polish market.
  • Chief Financial distribution network Castorama.
  • Chief Financial Dutch company Campina (he led restructuring project there and managed a group of dairies in Poland).
  • Chairman of the supervisory board IMPEXMETAL S.A.
  • Vice-President of the supervisory board ROLIMPEX S.A.

Chairman of the Board oversees the work of the Corporate Division, is responsible for planning and coordinating the main functions and areas of the Company’s operations and strategic planning development of the Group.

Andrzej Klimek

Vice President of the Board



Mr Andrzej Klimek is a graduate of the Faculty of Machine Building at the Technological University of Poznań (1997), postgraduate studies in modern production and logistics management, as well as  postgraduate management studies.

Shortcut career

  • He has several years of managerial experience in production and logistics management.
  • He has held management positions in many companies, including, among others Odratrans S.A., H. Cegielski – Poznań S.A., STOMIL – Poznań S.A. and JAMALEX sp. z o.o. where he prepared and implemented solutions in the field of strategic management and optimization of production management processes and logistics systems.
  • He is also a lecturer at Technological University of Poznań and the Banking School in Poznan.

Vice President of the Board of Directors responsible for coordinating the operational activities of the OT Logistics Group companies.

Radosław Krawczyk

Vice President of the Board



Mr Radosław Krawczyk is a graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, major in finance and banking, as well as MBA studies (Executive Master of Business Administration).

Shortcut career

  • Mr Radosław Krawczyk has more than ten years professional experience in managing the finance of companies, and specifically in: financial liquidity, controlling, financial risk, insurance and credit policy, debt collection, funding, financial and operational restructuring, cooperation with banks and investors.
  • Since 2003 he has been professionally related to PKP Cargo Group, where he became the Company Financial Director in 2009.
  • Starting from 2015 he was a Member of the Management Board of PKP Cargo Connect Sp. z o.o. and from 2016 a Member of the Management Board of PKP Cargo Connect GmbH seated in Hamburg.
  • Moreover, he has been a member of the supervisory boards of companies related to the railway market and insurance for many years.
  • He also acted for some years as an independent member of the Audit Committee at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction.

Vice President of the Management Board responsible for controlling and consolidation areas, as well as purchasing, IT and administration, plus supervision of the operation of the Common Services Centre, where the Capital Group activities related to accounting, HR and payroll are carried out.

The Board


Date Nazwa
2018 Presentation of the results of the OT Logistics Capital Group after the third quarter of 2018
2017 Presentation of the results of the OT Logistics Capital Group after the first half of 2018
2017 Presentation of results of OT Logistics Capital Group in the first quarter of 2018



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