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Cookies Policy:
The websites , administered by OT Logistics S.A., use cookies (special files from a site, registered and saved by the web browser), which are subsequently saved on the hard drive of the user’s equipment, or in its memory.

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation around the website managed by OT Logistics S.A., and can also be used to improve saving certain user preferences on our website.
Please be advised that these files can be removed from the hard drive, and that saving them can be disabled. The way these changes are made depends on the browser used. The changes can be implemented by appropriate configuration of settings of the web browser or device used.
If those changes to the settings are not made, the user is deemed to have accepted the use of cookies. Your should, however, be aware that disabling the saving of cookies may hinder or prevent using certain functions of the website.
The website use cookies only to collect data for general statistics and not to identify users, e.g. for sales purposes.

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