15 September 2016

OT Port Swinoujście Sp. z o.o. increases the potential of agro reloading, new grain silo will be created

OT Port Swinoujscie Sp. z o.o., included in the Corporate Group OT Logistics, will rebuild the current storage of chemical raw materials on the Nabrzeze Chemikow to new grain silo. The investment will be ready to use in September of 2017. The target storage potential of the silo will be equal to 82 500 tons of grains and other agro products. The value of the investment is estimated to approx. 40 million PLN.

The rebuilding of the storage of the chemical raw materials to grain silo is implemented in a range of the first stage of building the agro terminal in Swinoujcie. The object will be placed on the leased by the OT Port Swinoujscie Sp. z o.o. Nabrzeze Chemikow it will 50 m width and 254 m in length. Silo will have storage space equal to the total of 82 500 tons of grains.

Investment in the new silo has significant meaning to our port and fits in the implementation of the announced on April new strategy of development of OT Logistics. As a Group we are going for the further increase of our participation  in the agro reloading market in Polish maritime ports, which is why such type of investments are the natural element of the development of the operational activity of ports. We would also like to become a leader of the service of agriculture products along the Baltic Sea coast. The reloading rate of OT Port Swinoujscie in the range of agro goods at the moment reaches 15 000 tons daily. We estimate, that thanks to this investment reloading of agriculture products will increase to 1 million of tons annually –  The Management Board of OT Port Swinoujscie Sp. z o. o. informs.

The object will have new advanced technologies enabling loading and unloading of grains from cars and railway wagons. The efficiency of reloading from cars and grain hopper will reach at least 500 ton/h. However, the efficiency of the sito hopper of railway wagon is estimated to at least 500 tons/h. Target efficiency of unloading from sito will be equal to 2000 tons/h.

The contractor of the investment is the FHU MULTI PROJEKT Limited Liability company. The end of works related to the rebuilding of the sito is estimated on September 2017.

Nabrzeze Chemikow with the length of 282,50 m services ships with the maximum dive of 13,20 m. Currently it is used for reloading of the iron ore and building aggregates.

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