28 September 2017

OT Logistics joins the “Stop dishonest employers” campaign

OT Logistics Group has joined the “Stop dishonest employers” campaign, aimed at supporting employees in their fight against abuse in the labour market. OT Logistics is the only company in the TSL industry which has engaged in the initiative.

“Stop dishonest employers” is an initiative of an association wearing the same name. Assistance rendered to employees by the Association consists in free legal consultations in case of any disputes with employers and violations of employees rights. The Association – by way of organising debt collection activities – supports also these employees who try to recover their due remuneration. The assistance is rendered pro bono (up to the Association’s current financial position) by attorneys from highly-regarded law firms from Szczecin, Kraków and Warsaw.
Among the most common Labour Code violations in Poland one can name lack of employment contract or a wrong type of contract, lack of or unjustified reduction in pay, termination of an employment contract without notice, refusal to issue an employment certificate, poor working conditions and mobbing or sexual harassment. In the last few months the Association has given over 320 free legal advices and helped in preparing over 60 suits.

Here you will find a film promoting the initiative. For more information, you are welcome to visit the website www.stopnieuczciwympracodawcom.pl.

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