14 June 2018

OT Logistics already benefits from the Malczyce lock recently put into use

OT Logistics, a leader in inland shipping in the region, has its fleet already benefiting from new possibilities offered by the opening of the Malczyce barrage on the Odra River for shipping. A tow went through the lock, carrying a generator from Wrocław to Hamburg. The Malczyce barrage had been constructed since 2013.

“A new chapter in Polish inland shipping starts right now. Thanks to this investment we will be able to carry freight on the Odra River between Silesia and ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście, as well as west European terminals. It will allow us to operate our inland navigation fleet in Poland in a more intense and effective way. Our vessels will finally cruise along the upper part of the Odra Waterway regularly,” said Andrzej Klimek, the Vice-President of the Management Board and the Head of Inland Shipping Division at OT Logistics S.A.

On the very day when the Malczyce barrage was opened, a pusher TUR-0-77, a part of OT Logistics’ fleet, went through the lock, carrying an oversized load (a generator) for a consignee in Hamburg.

“Unusual and oversized cargo, but also fertilizers, grain and coal are the main goods we can now carry on the Odra River much easier than before. The Malczyce barrage will ensure a proper water level on the Odra River during most of the shipping period, thus guaranteeing our clients timeliness of inland waterway transport,” Andrzej Klimek explained.

The Malczyce barrage was put into use at the beginning of June. Its construction had begun in 2013. Now that this investment is opened for shipping, OT Logistics’ fleet will be able to cruise along the Odra River between Silesia and the Baltic Sea even for six months a year. Plans include another public investments on the Odra River – these are supposed to improve navigation significantly. According to declarations by representatives of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation, it is planned to restore the fourth class of navigability (out of five) on the Odra River.

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