26 June 2017

New Tagnpps-type wagons will supplement offer in the scope of grain transport

OT Logistics Capital Group has rented new Tagnpps-type wagons, which will allow the Company to supplement its offer in the scope of grain transport, in accordance with its strategy aimed at strengthening its presence in the rail freight and agro products markets.

The Company was provided with these modern and light-weight Tagnpps wagons at the end of May. Each of them has a loading capacity of ca. 60 tons, which enables to load a block train which will carry the total of over 2 thousand tons of grain. For the purposes of moving these block trains,
OT Logistics Capital Group will use locomotives from its subsidiary company STK S.A.
“The grain market is within the scope of OT Logistics Railway Division’s interests. Thanks to increasing our freight capacity, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive contract service, including providing them with proper wagons. In order to meet our clients’ expectations, we develop the best offer, providing high quality services within OT Logistics Capital Group” – Adrian Gierczak says, the Head of OT Logistics Railway Division.
The renting of Tagnpps wagons will allow to broaden the scope of services offered by OT Logistics Capital Group in the agro segment, in which the Company wishes to develop, in line with its strategy. In May, the Company put into operation its new agro products warehouse at the Romanian Quay at the OT Port Gdynia, and currently a new agro terminal in Świnoujście is under construction, and the Company prepares its flagship investment project, namely a new agro terminal at the seaport in Gdańsk.
Rail freight transport forms part of OT Logistics Capital Group’s comprehensive offer, which covers reloading services at ports, inland waterway transport and forwarding services. Integrated logistics services allow the Group to meet clients’ expectations, as the customers want their logistics provider to present so-called „one-stop-shop” approach, which combines various transport services.

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