27 June 2017

OT Logistics Capital Group on the Argus FMB East Europe in Budapest

OT Logistics Group took part in the 15th annual Argus FMB East Europe Fertilizer 2017 conference.

Conference was held on 21-23 June in Budapest, in Hungary. The event attracted more than 300 delegates from 45 countries across 196 companies from all over the world.

– Poland, due to its locations at the crossroads of the most important trade routes, plays the crucial role as a transit country for many types of transported goods – noticed Zbigniew Nowik, President of the Member Board.

The downturn on the coal and steel market, caused the fact that the logistics operators were looking for the new types of cargo. The interest in the new areas is natural in such situation. OT Logistics Capital Group would like to diversify the profile for not only agro product but also chemicals. That was the reason why we decided to participate in the FMB Conference in Budapest.

– We are looking for the new possibilities to expand our services, that is why we decided FOR pilot actions in the transportation field of chemical products – says Paweł Polanowski, Director of International Markets OT Logistics.

Conference was a great chance to listen to the customers’ needs and understand better how our logistics assets can support their logistics supply chain challenges. The East Europe Fertilizer conference was an opportunity for us to present our comprehensive possibilities for transport of chemical – says Paweł Polanowski, Director of International Markets.

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