30 August 2016

Corporate Group OT Logistics: 348.1 million revenue after the first half 2016 and EBITDA growth to 30.6 million.

Corporate Group OT Logistics, one of the leaders of the TSL sector in Europe, generated in the first half of 2016. 348.1 mln zł consolidated sales revenue and net profit amounted to approx. 4.4 million zł. The Group also recorded an increase in EBITDA of 2.8% to 30.6 million zł.

In the first half of 2016. Corporate Group OT Logistics generated 348.1 mln zł revenue to 370.4 million zł in the same period of 2015. The net profit of the company reached nearly 4.4 million zł to 5.8 million zł year ago. EBITDA in the first half of 2016 gone up to 30.6 million zł, compared to 29.8 million zł year earlier. That is the result of efficiency improvement in the segment of the port, as well as in the area of shipping. At the same time EBITDA margin increased to 8.8% from 8.0% a year earlier. On the  unchanged remained profitability of gross sales (13.5%) and return on EBIT (3.7%). The Group continues to bear the costs of activities related to the reorganization and optimization started in the fourth quarter  2015. They are already visible the effects of lowering the costs of the Group, particularly in the field of port activities.

In the first half of this year, we made decisions on important investments that increase the potential of our Group. We have signed an agreement to acquire Sealand Logistics, a company which is one of the leading container shipping in Poland. We also have a conditional agreement to acquire the railway company STK Group – says Zbigniew Nowik, Chairman OT Logistics.

Sealand Logistics acquisition agreement was completed in July this year. On the day of publication of the financial report for the first half 2016 conditions precedent to the implementation agreement to acquire STK Group have not yet been met.

We still seeing unfavorable trends in the market carbon and steel what is reflected on our segment Port. The reduction of income received also the end of the work hydro technical in the area of the top measles and in Germany. We see the growing importance of trade in goods agricultural, so we invest in the powers handling and opportunities components of goods agro in our ports. This is element of the new strategy development of our group, adopted in April. The larger involved in the transport and transshipments cereals increases the diversification and partly reduces the dependence of the market carbon and steel. We increase also our presence in the South of Europe, set up in Croatia company C.Hartwig Adria. We want to use the potential market logistics services in countries corridor North-South – added Zbigniew Nowik, Chairman OT Logistics.

Group notes the positive results of the Baltic ports belonging to OT Logistics. The volume of cargo handling in the port of Gdynia OT was in the first half year. 1.6 million tons, which is an improvement of almost 24% y / y. Support among agro commodities (soybean and cereals) grown in Gdynia port by 13% – to 629 thousand. tone. OT Port of Swinoujscie, to a greater extent dependent on the handling of goods such as coal and metal ores, recorded decline in cargo handling by 4.6%. However, thanks to the optimization of organizational processes and increase cargo handling agro port achieved higher margins and a high total score on the activity.

The largest share in the structure of the Group’s revenue in the first half 2016 were forwarding services: 58%, transportation and other transportation services 27%, and port services (cargo handling and storage of goods): 12%. Other services provided by the Group companies generate approx. 3% of revenues OT Logistics.

We carefully look at the government’s plans for the revitalization and modernization of waterways in Poland. Our fleet can successfully be used in specialized work for the reconstruction of navigation on the Polish rivers. The use of our units in hydraulic engineering works can positively affect the results and margins in our segment of transport. The group will also renew the beneficiary of waterways. We will be able to effectively implement inland waterway transport in Poland, which today in many cases is not possible. We are ready to support and use in Poland, our international experience, if necessary – says Zbigniew Nowik, Chairman OT Logistics.

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