25 July 2017

The Railway Division of OT Logistics Capital Group awarded the GMP+ Certificate

STK S.A., a railway undertaking being a part of OT Logistics Capital Group, was granted the international GMP+ Certificate, attesting the highest quality and safety of grain and feed transport.

The STK Company counts among five railway undertakings in Poland with all licenses necessary to transport grain by rail. In the middle of July the company was included in the GMP+ International list and granted a certificate regarding transport and freightage in grain transportation. The certification process required verification of the RU’s qualifications and quality standards applied by the company.

“Transportation of grain and other agro goods is an important part of the development of OT Logistics Capital Group, its Railway Division included. The Certification within the international GMP+ scheme will allow us to access a new market area and broaden the Group’s offer,” Adrian Gierczak says, the Head of OT Logistics Railway Division. “We offer our clients a comprehensive service related to agro goods, specialised wagons, full contract servicing in the sales process and after-sales support,” Adrian Gierczak adds.

OT Logistics Capital Group will transport grain using modern Tagnpps-type wagons it has recently rented. Each of these wagons has a loading capacity of ca. 60 tons, which enables to load a block train which will carry the total of over 2 thousand tons of grain.

Rail freight transport consists a part of OT Logistics Capital Group’s comprehensive offer, which covers reloading services at ports, warehousing, inland waterway transport and forwarding services. Integrated logistics services allow the Group to meet clients’ expectations, which comprise a door-to-door approach combining various logistics services: freight, reloading, warehousing, customs service and delivery to an end customer.

The GMP+ standard was developed in 1992 by a Dutch organization, as a part of the “Feed for Food” scheme. The scheme’s purpose was to ensure that feed provided to livestock was safe for the animals themselves, for future consumers and the environment. GMP+ integrates two quality assurance schemes: GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. Additionally, in order to ensure quality management control, the GMP+ scheme has been developed in line with the ISO 9001 standard.

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